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About Brela

Visitors have for decades been attracted by the natural beauty of the Adriatic Sea, known as one of the cleanest and clearest seas, and its coast. Along the coastline, the Makarska Riviera has arguably the most crystal clear water and the loveliest string of beaches stretching for miles. Well known from the time of ancient Romans, who were the first to settle the area and build their country manors, today the town of Brela is the pearl of central Dalmatia and the Makarska Riviera. This unique area of a long-standing tourist tradition is one of the favourite destinations of all visitors looking for a peaceful oasis and first-rate accommodation in the delightful Mediterranean setting of Brela.

The imposing backdrop of the mountain of Biokovo provides a special embellishment to this part of the coastal area. Rough rock contrasted with dense pine forests, along with steep slopes sharply descending towards the sea, give a picturesque view of the nature and make for a curious combination along the entire Rivera coastline.